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What is happening with the PCUSA
and what are WE doing about it?

The Presbytery of Nevada
On September 19, 2011, the Presbytery of Nevada approved a theological identity statement that holds a high view of the authority of Scripture, identifies essential tenets of our theology and commits itself to work with those who share our theology. This statement rejects the language of Amendment 10a to our constitution and affirms the biblical understanding of fidelity in marriage or chastity in singleness as a requirement for those who are called to leadership in the church. This document opens the way for our presbytery to participate more closely with other presbyteries that share a high view of the authority of Scripture. Click here to view the statement from the Nevada Presbytery Task Force.

First Presbyterian and Summerlin Presbyterian
In response to the PC(USA)'s decision to allow church governing bodies to set their own standards in regards to ordination, faith, and practice the congregations of First and Summerlin Presbyterian Churches created a Task Force charged with drafting a statement pertaining to our congregations' theology. At the September, 2011 meeting the two sessions adopted the statement to which you can link here. The purpose of this statement is for our congregations to identify our theology that leads us in our decisions and ministry. This statement may differentiate us from our denomination, however, it signifies our primary commitment to Scripture and the authority it has in our lives. At the heart of this statement is our desire to remain connected to those who uphold scripture as primary and to proclaim to our community the standards God reveals in His Word.

Nevada Presbytery Task Force Statement
Joint Statement of Faith